Online Coaching 

I specialize in areas that help with Burnout recovery and self-improvement, including: Mindset, Values, Boundaries, Work/Life Balance, Time Management, Self-Care, Stress Management, and Attachments. 

As a coach, I am an active listener and will ask you questions that dig deep into the root of an issue. These questions will help you gain insight to find the best solution to your situation.


Introductory Session

We will get to know each other and gauge if we are the right fit. 

I will ask you questions to help me understand what and why you want to accomplish your goal(s). Also, I will inform my approach to Burnout recovery and explain how it can help you.

Once our session is complete, there is no commitment to continue. If we are the right fit, we can discuss which program works best for you. There are a couple of programs available for you to consider as you determine the best route for us to work together.

It is up to you if we decide to move forward.


Private 1-1 Coaching

The power of active listening and powerful questioning becomes more evident in a private 1-1 coaching environment, where you experience an insight catered personally to you.

Some reasons for choosing private 1-on-1 coaching include:

  • Burnout resources and coaching exercises

  • Strategic actions to take in helping you overcome Burnout

  • Unlimited support via email and text between our sessions


Gillian Halley, Head Teacher, Private School

"It was a delight working with Carlo. He was thoughtful and considerate and allowed me to make my own conclusions, even when I was a bit slow to get there! I have been able to implement his recommendations into my daily routine and I can see a definite improvement in the way I live my life."